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Balder, Optoelectronic Elements and Measuring Systems was established in 1997 as a 'Spin-off' company of the 'Jožef Stefan' Institute and operates within the framework of the Ljubljana Technology Park.

The company is specialized in production and research & development of electro optic devices based on LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) technology such as LCD light amplitude modulators and LCD active welding filters.

The largest part of the Balder's production is performed by highly trained personnel under clean room conditions, where the most delicate operations are being carried out. High level of quality control starts with strict verification of input material characteristics, continues with control of all phases of production process and finishes with final testing of the performance and functioning of the finished products. On the basis of in-depth knowledge from the field of LCD technology, most suitable materials are selected and quality suppliers engaged in the production process. Due to proprietary technological solutions and sophisticated testing and measuring procedures, Balder gained the DIN Plus certificates with best possible optical test results (1/1/1/1) for the whole range of their high end products (Grand series, Power series and all products incorporating the "ADC Plus" technology).

Production and marketing of the electro optical welding filters, being a key Balder activity, is a result of more than 30 years of experience of the 'Liquid Crystal Application' group from the 'Condensed Matter Physics' department of the 'Jožef Stefan' institute. Due to its close connection to the Institute, Balder has a permanent access to the accumulated knowledge, research and measurement equipment, information center and all other information from the field of basic as well as applied research carried on at the Institute. Balder cooperates with the research groups from the Institute in the field of new LCD related technologies, which guarantees continuous improvements of products and production procedures. The most recent R&D achievement within the mentioned cooperation is "ADC Plus" (Angular Dependence Compensation) technology, which considerably improves the angular dependence of the liquid crystal cells.

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